Welcome to the Fall Sale 2022!

MMOTA Sale Table

Consignment Rules


Seller Registration

OPEN SPOTS FOR WORKING SELLERS:  At this time, we are still accepting registrations for working sellers for the Fall 2022 sale.  Our drop-off seller quota has been met.

Sale Location

Sons of Italy, 117 Swanton Street, Winchester, MA 01890 (click here for Google map)

2022 Fall Sale Chairs

Nancy Cappiello (cappy5668@gmail.com)

Marcy Freeman (marcybethfreeman@gmail.com)

Marie Larose (mabfun01@yahoo.com)

Amanda Oliveira (yipyip111@aol.com)

Setup Schedule (full schedule is below)

• Friday setup: 6:00pm—10:00pm
• Saturday setup: 6:00am—2:00 pm

All Sellers (except for drop-off) must work both Friday and Saturday to be eligible for sale proceeds.

• Member Sellers will receive 85% of sale proceeds.
• Non-Member Sellers will receive 75% of sale proceeds.
• Drop-off Sellers will receive 50% of sale proceeds.

MMOTA is solely a broker/agent for the consigner. Founding Chapter has no obligation to pay the consigner for unsold, lost or stolen items. Founding Chapter is also not responsible for fire, loss or theft of items consigned.

Full Schedule

Friday 9/23:
6:00pm—8:30pm: Hall Setup (all items to be brought in and readied for sale)
8:30pm—9:30pm: Seller/Volunteer Shopping
9:30pm—10:00pm: Clean up and leave by 10:00pm

Saturday 9/24:
6:00am—6:45am: Organizing and prepping for sale
6:45am—7:00am: Announcements
7:00am—7:45am: Seller/Volunteer Shopping
7:45am—8:00am: Final Seller/Volunteer Checkout and Readying for Public
8:00am—8:30am: Early Shopping for Expectant Parents and High-Risk Individuals
8:30am—12:30 pm: Public Sale
12:30pm—2:00pm: Clean-up of Unsold Items and Clear the Hall (all items must be removed from the premises by 2:00 pm)

Seller Registration

  • Open to the first 40 people with limited number of drop-off seller registrations available.
  • Registration is not complete until registration fees are paid. Fees are as follows:
    • $15.00 Member Seller (membership dues for the current club year must be paid in full to be
      considered a member seller)
    • $20.00 Non-Member Seller
    • $20.00 Drop-Off Seller
  • When registering, you must include: your full name, full street address, city, state, and zip code. We need all of this information in order to mail you final checks!
  • Once registration is received, you will be emailed additional information, including about using MyCM. Returning sellers can use previous MyCM login and password.

Withdrawing from the Sale

  • If, after registering and pre-paying, Seller is unable to sell at the sale, Seller may withdraw their registration up to ten (10) days before the sale date and obtain a refund of the full Registration Fee.
  • If Seller withdraws their registration less than ten (10) days before the Sale, Seller forfeits their Registration Fee, and no refund will be given.

Selling Requirements and Equipment

  • My Consignment Manager (MyCM)
    • All items to be sold must be entered into MyCM. If you have any questions about this, please contact one of the sale chairs (information listed above).
    • MyCM has a 2000 item limit (this cannot be changed).
    • Once registration is received, you will be emailed further information, including about using MyCM. Returning sellers can use previous MyCM login and password.
  • Equipment you will need to sell
    • Computer
    • Printer
    • White card stock #60, #65 or #67
    • Tagging gun and barbs (both can be purchased at any office supply store or on Amazon)
  • Tagging
    • Do not change the printing of 8 tags per sheet.
    • As a quality control measure, we will be inspecting tags to ensure they will scan at check out. Any tags that were improperly printed or not on card stock will be removed from the sale floor.
    • Members are solely responsible for setting prices for their items. Keep in mind that shoppers are looking for bargains so price accordingly.
    • Please tag all items in .25 cent increments.
    • MyCM will allow you to “tag” single items (e.g. strollers) or multiple items (e.g. shirts) all at once.
      • For example, if you have 20 Size 3T shirts, you only need to enter the item once, click quantity-20, and you have “tagged” all 20 shirts.
    • Once you have entered your items, print your tags directly from the system.
    • Please attach all tags to clothing and shoes with barbs and a tagging gun, safety pin, or string.
    • Large item tags can be taped to the item but please don’t tape over the barcode as this makes it impossible to scan.
  • Untagged items: If circumstances permit, an attempt will be made to find out to whom the item belongs and how much to charge the buyer. If the Seller cannot be located, the item will be set aside and NOT sold.

Condition/Quality for Items

  • Please try to sell season-appropriate items (i.e. spring/summer items at the spring sale, fall/winter items at the fall sale). Bathing suits are acceptable year round.
  • All items must be:
    • In good, sale able condition.
    • Free of stains, soiling, rips, holes, and/or significant fading.
    • With zippers/buttons/snaps in working order.
  • Toys and puzzles must be:
    • Clean.
    • Complete with all pieces.
    • In working order — please include batteries for battery-operated toys.
    • For toys with multiple pieces: please place all pieces in a zip lock bag to ensure the complete set stay together.
  • Shoes should be attached to each other (we recommend using zip ties or string).
  • Large equipment should be in compliance with CPSC and have not been recalled. (Questions on recalled items? Visit www.cpsc.gov.)
  • Items Not Allowed for Sale: Bicycles, drop-side cribs, car seats more than 3 years old, stuffed animals, used pacifiers, bottles with used nipples, used undergarments, recalled or defective items, maternity clothing, beds, large furniture.

Payment and Sale Proceeds

  • All Sellers (except Drop-off Sellers) must work both Friday and Saturday to be eligible for sale proceeds.
  • Sale proceeds will be issued by check by the treasurer approximately 1 (one) week after the sale.
    • Member Seller will receive 85% of sale proceeds. (As an example, a Member Seller who sold $100.00, less 15% would receive a check for $85.00.)
    • Non-Member Seller will receive 75% of sale proceeds.
    • Drop-off Sellers will receive 50% of sale proceeds.
  • Payments accepted at the sale are as follows:
    • Cash — there is an ATM on site.
    • Credit Cards
    • Checks (MMOTA members only) — there will be a $30.00 fee for a returned check.
    • Venmo
    • PayPal

Covid 19 Statement
We have taken enhanced health and safety measures—for you, our other guests, and club members. Please follow all posted instructions while visiting our sale. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and Guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting MMOTA Founding Chapter fall sale you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

When you click ACCEPT, you are agreeing to the following: I, the undersigned, agree to not knowingly sell products that exceed the lead limits set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or to sell recalled items.