Advertising with us works!

Our diverse population of mothers and grandmothers share one wonderful fact in common:  we all have multiple children.  If you’ve got products, coupons, multiples discounts, let us know.  Or, if you would like to advertise with us, please contact our advertising team.

Advertising with MMOTA-Founding Chapter has many advantages:

  • You will reach a population that buys in quantity:  As mothers of multiple-birth children, we need two (or sometimes more) of everything.  Since our members have at least two children, our needs are doubled for clothes, toys, equipment, food, cleaning and much, much more.  How better to double your benefit and rate of return?!
  • In our newsletter and on our web site you can reach a large number of people:  MMOTA-Founding Chapter has over 150 members.  Our members and our web site are affiliated with the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. (NOMOTC) that represents over 24,000 individual parents of multiples — twins, triplets, quadruplets and higher-order multiples.
  • You will be sponsoring an organization with a long history of quality and support:  MMOTA-Founding Chapter is the original Mother of Twins Club.  Our chapter was founded in 1956 by Rita Lewis of Arlington, Massachusetts, along with two other twin mothers, to exchange clothing and equipment.  Today, there are over 21 chapters statewide and 475 nationwide clubs supporting mothers of multiples.
  • The costs are inexpensive yet high yield:  You can advertise in print in our monthly newsletter or on our website.  You can reach all of our  members every month in our newsletter in addition to advertising on our public and private group web sites.  And, of course, you are guaranteed to reach members who have two or more children per household!
  • As an advertiser, your advertising dollars helps MMOTA-Founding Chapter fund many of the activities, support efforts and relief efforts for our mothers of multiples.

Don’t delay.  Inquire about advertising in MMOTA-Founding Chapter’s website TODAY! [advertise @ mmota – founding . org]