Support Programs


Cope meetings are informal monthly gatherings for mothers-to-be, new moms and “seasoned” mothers of multiples. Hosted by other MOTs and attended by prospective and current members, cope meetings provide a safe, friendly place for you to ask questions, share problems or just sit and listen.

These are very informal “chat” sessions where we can discuss problems or just talk to other mothers of multiples. Everyone shares tips and ideas on how to survive parenting multiples during the early years. These meetings are usually held in a member’s home, on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Find out when and where the next meeting is by checking the Members-Only Area, or by contacting our COPE co-chairs by emailing [cope @ mmota – founding . org].



The Big/Little Sister program is all about matching experienced mothers of twins with new mothers of twins.  If you are expecting or just had twins, want to share the your experiences, need a sympathetic ear, or even just would like to contact another mom of multiples to ask a question or two, this program gives you the opportunity to share your experiences with a “seasoned” mother who has already been there and knows just what you’re going through.

Being a big/little sister means different things to different people.  Some Big/Little Sisters never meet except to talk on the phone. Some big/little sisters meet once a week for playtime or at parks.  Being a Big/Little Sister is an arrangement that is entirely up to you.

If you’re a new mom, or even if you’re already a mom but these are your first twins, the Big/Little Sister Program can provide you with mentorship in the incredible experience of having twins.

If you’re a seasoned mother of twins and you’d like to pass on that wisdom and maybe share a funny story or two about your experience, we’d love to have you as a Big Sister to one of our new moms.

If you are already a member of MMOTA-Founding Chapter, please go to the Members Only Area to find out more and to sign up for the big/little sister program. Or email [bigsister @ mmota – founding .org].


If you’ve been put on bed rest, you are not alone! Many mothers of twins were once in your shoes.  The Bed Rest Buddies program is designed to provide support and encouragement for expectant mothers of twins on bedrest.  If you are interested in becoming a Bed Rest Buddy, or would like to be matched up with one, please email [bedrest @ mmota – founding . org].


We are just starting our Preemie Support Group for moms of twins who are were born early and have a stay in the NICU. The group is designed to match seasoned moms with moms who are going through it right now.

Part of this group includes our recently established a “Preemie Lending Library,” primarily as a resource for members who give birth prematurely. To assist new MOTs, we have collected some equipment that can be loaned out on an as-needed basis.  Most items are preemie-specific (e.g. unused preemie bottles, car beds, preemie clothing), while others can be used by all new MOTs (e.g. twin nursing pillows, reflux wedges, unused pumping supplies).  We also have experienced MOTs whose twins were born prematurely and are willing to talk to anyone who has questions.  Please email [preemie @ mmota – founding . org] to be connected with the Preemie Support Group.



Sometimes, you just need to get out!  From time to time, MMOTA-Founding organizes an “MOT Night Out.”  Join your fellow MOTs at a nearby restaurant or event for child-free socializing and fun!