About Our Scholarships

Founding Chapter and its state organization, Massachusetts Mothers of Twins Association (MMOTA), have scholarships available for qualifying members.  Founding Chapter's scholarship, established in 1984, was established to assist parents of multiple-birth children with financial grants which may be applied toward the cost of tuition for school, camp, daycare or a program of similar nature.  Scholarship aid may be granted to twins or multiples or a mother of twins or multiples.

Eligible applicants must be current, active members of MMOTA-Founding Chapter.  "Current" means that the member's dues are paid for the current fiscal year.  "Active" is defined as having belonged to MMOTA-Founding Organization for a minimum of two (2) years and attending meetings regularly.  All eligible members are encouraged to apply.

The deadline for completed applications is April 15.  Incomplete applications will be disqualified.  Applications will be evaluated in May by the Scholarship Committee, which consists of three club members.  One $500.00 scholarship or two $250.00 scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee at the May general meeting.  The scholarship(s) will be awarded to applicant(s) based on merit and financial need.  All decisions made by the Scholarship Committee are final.

To apply for a scholarship from our club please fill out the Scholarship Form.


The State Organization also has scholarships.  For more information, please go the State Organization website.

If you are an eligible member of MMOTA-Founding Chapter and wish to apply for a scholarship, please click here to fill out a scholarship application form.

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