MMOTA Founding Chapter

Fall 2018 Consignment Sale

October 12 & 13, 2018

Rules, Regulations, and Sale Information



Please read the entire contents as there are many changes to our rules.

Due to a temporary (and much smaller) location,

we had to make adjustments to our rules,

and this includes items would usually be sold at the spring sale NOT being allowed to be sold during this sale, and changes in timing of the sale.

ALL sellers must abide by the new changes.

Thank you!


Sale Location

Sons of Italy, Winchester

117 Swanton Street, Winchester



Important Sale Dates & Times

Hall Set-Up & Seller Set-Up: Friday, October 12, 2018; 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Note: All items that are to be sold must be brought in for the sale on Friday night; there is no bringing items in on Saturday; ALL sellers and workers must arrive by 6:00 pm

Seller/Worker Pre-Shopping #1: Friday, October 12, 2018; 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Sale Organization & Preparedness: Saturday, October 13, 2018; 6:00 am – 6:45 am

Note: We will start getting ready for the sale (prepping tables, organizing, etc.) at 6:00 am;

ALL sellers and workers must arrive by 6:00 am.

Seller/Worker Pre-Shopping #2: Saturday, October 13, 2018; 7:00 am – 7:45 am

Early-Bird Shopping for MMOTA Club Members and Prospective Members: Saturday, October 13, 2018; 8:00 am – 8:30 am

General Public Shopping: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Sale Clean-Up: 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm


Changes to Note for This Sale

(please read the information below carefully)


There is a change in the seller's fees for this sale only; see below.


Due to space constraints there will be no selling of:

·Maternity Clothing




·Large Furniture

If you happen to bring these items, we will ask you to remove them from the floor, so we have space for other items. 


Due to our earlier sale time, sellers are not allowed to bring in items to sell on Saturday morning; all items for sale must be out by the end of set-up on Friday evening.  This will allow us enough time to prepare for the sale.


Clothing tables will be organized more effectively for our shoppers; tables will still be by size, but we will be asking sellers and workers to sort clothing (tops with tops; bottoms with bottoms; PJs with PJs). This will make it easier for our shoppers to shop our tables, it will help our sellers get their items into the hands of shoppers, and it is easier to organize. To make this easier for you during tagging, please sort your clothing this way.


All clothing must be labeled with the correct size on the tag. Items with no sizes will be removed from the floor and not sold. This is a must, all clothing must be properly labeled.


No selling of ripped, stained, and torn clothing..  Clothing must be stain-free, no holes, no rips, no tears.  Ripped, stained, and torn clothing will be removed from the floor and will not be allowed to be sold.  See below for more details on acceptable items.


Sellers who violate rules # 4 & # 5 repeatedly may be asked not to sell at future sales. .


There is no Large Equipment Holding Area, and no Large Equipment Only Check-Out (buyers will be allowed to bring items to their car and return, after their hand is stamped).


There will be no food sold to the General Public. We will still provide pizza and drinks for our sellers & workers.

All tags being transferred from a previous sale MUST be reprinted on new card stock paper. Due to the quality of the printing on the old tags, we are asking all sellers to print new tags for all transferred items.

fall 2018

Sales Chairpersons

Marie Larose

North Reading


Nina Tate



Nancy Cappiello




Registration is open for the first 40 people registered or until 10 days prior to sale date, whichever happens first.

Accept these rules and regulations by pressing the "Accept" button on the bottom of this page, and you will be taken to the Registration Form.

There are two ways to complete your registration:

1.           Fill out the form online and you will be registered automatically to sell. Shortly thereafter you will receive an email containing your info to register with My Consignment Manager (MyCM); or

2.           Print out the form, fill in the information, and mail it via regular mail to Marie LaRose (3 Forest Street, North Reading, MA 01864)

Registration Fee

Registrations Fees for the fall 2018 Sale are tiered:

1.     Member Sellers* who will work both Friday and Saturday of the Sale: $15

2.     Non-Member Sellers* who will work both Friday and Saturday of the Sale: $20

3.     Drop-Off Sellers, both member and non-member: $20

*if you choose to Sell at our sale as a member or non-member, but do not show up for both of your shifts, you will be considered a Drop-Off seller.  Your earnings from items sold will be adjusted accordingly, and the remaining fee for being a Drop-Off seller will be deducted from your sales total.


The Registration Fee must be paid in full, either by check or PayPal, prior to the Sale.

Checks for Registration Fee should be made out to "MMOTA Founding Chapter," and mailed to:

MMOTA Founding Chapter Treasurer

Nancy Cappiello

62 Ballard Street

Tewksbury, Ma. 01876

  A Seller is not officially registered until the treasurer receives the Registration Fee.

·For example, if Seller "A" submits an online registration on February 15 but chooses not to use PayPal to pay the Registration Fee, Seller "A" must mail a check to the treasurer. However, if the treasurer does not receive Seller "A's" check until after 50 sellers have already paid their Registration Fee, Seller "A" will be placed on a waitlist.



If, after registering and pre-paying, Seller is unable to sell at the Sale, Seller may withdraw her registration up to ten (10) days before the sale date and obtain a refund of the Registration Fee. If Seller withdraws her registration less than ten (10) days before the Sale, Seller forfeits her registration fee, and no refund will be given.

Membership Dues

Membership Dues for the current club year must be paid in full prior to registration to be considered a Member Seller.

Working Member Seller

A Working Member Seller is:

1.           A MMOTA-Founding Chapter club member, paid in full, prior to the Sale Date

2.           Works both Friday night, 6:00 pm. – 8:30 pm., AND Saturday, 6:00 am – 2:00 pm (until clean-up is complete, and the sellers/workers are dismissed)

Working Non-Member Seller

A Working Non-Member Seller is:

1.           A person who is not a member of MMOTA-Founding Chapter, but sells items at the Sale, and

2.           Is sponsored by a paid MMOTA-Founding Chapter member; and

3.           Works both Friday night, 6:00 pm. – 8:30 pm., AND Saturday, 6:00 am – 2:00 pm (until clean-up is complete, and the sellers/workers are dismissed)


Registration is open to all sponsored non-member sellers.


Any Registered Working Non-Member and Member Sellers who do not work both of their scheduled volunteer shifts (Friday evening 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm and Saturday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm) will be considered a Drop-Off Seller.  Earnings from items sold will be adjusted accordingly (based on the commission schedule listed below), and the remaining fee for being a Drop-Off seller will be deducted from your sales total.

Drop-Off Seller

A Drop-Off Seller is:

1.           A MMOTA-Founding Chapter member, paid in full prior to the sale date

2.           Drops off sale items Friday night between 6:30 - 7:30 pm., and

3.           Picks up any unsold items on Saturday by 1:00 pm. OR THEY WILL BE DONATED!

Sales Proceeds Percentage

Working Member Sellers:  receive 90% sales proceeds.

Non-Member Sellers:  receive 80% of sales proceeds.

Drop-Off Sellers:  receive 50% of sales proceeds.

Set-up and

All Member and Non-Member Sellers must work both Friday night set-up and all day Saturday.

1.           Set-Up: Friday 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm  Note: All items that are to be sold must be brought in for the sale on Friday night; there is no bringing items in on Saturday.

2.           Sale & Clean-Up: Saturday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm  Note: We will start getting ready for the sale (prepping tables, organizing, etc.) at 6:00 am; ALL sellers and workers must arrive by 6:00 am.  Workers are expected to work until either 2:00 pm or until the clean-up is complete; any seller who does not work their full-shift is subject to being a Drop-Off Seller (see above for details).


Hall Set-Up (Friday, 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm)

The Sons of Italy, will be open for set-up on the Friday night before the Sale.  We would like to offer Friday night shopping for all of our sellers and volunteers. In order to do this, we need to be completely set-up by 8:30 pm. Doors will open at 6:00 pm, all sellers must arrive by 6:00 pm.

·              Hall Setup consists of readying the hall for the sale by removing and/or rearranging tables, chairs and other furniture, hanging signs, and any other preparations necessary for the Sale.

·              Completion of the hall setup is at the discretion of the Sale Co-Chairpersons, but will be approximately 6:30 pm.

·              NO seller items may be brought in to the hall before setup is complete.


Seller Set Up (Friday, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm)

Once Hall Setup is complete, Sellers are welcome to bring in their items to be sold.

·       There will be designated areas for your items: Toys, Clothing, and Large Equipment

·       Please work quickly and efficiently.

·       All clothing will need to be set-up by size, and within each size you will need to organize as follows: Tops w/ Tops; Fancy Party-type Dresses on Racks (please have them already on hangers, ready-to-go); Casual Dresses will be displayed on tables; Pants w/ Pants; PJs w/ PJs; etc.

·       Please see below for specific guidelines as to what is allowed to be sold at the Spring 2018 Sale.


Pre-Sale Shopping for Sellers & Workers (Friday, 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm) and (Saturday, 7:00 am – 7:45 am)

·              On Friday evening, once setup is complete and all Sellers have had a reasonable opportunity to bring their items into the hall, Sellers will be allowed to shop at approximately 8:30 pm.

·       On Saturday morning, once the Sales Floor is organized and ready, Sellers will be allowed to shop at approximately 7:00 am

·       Early shopping time is for Working Member Sellers/Non Member Sellers only. No spouses or children are allowed to shop unless they are working the Sale.

·       If you are not shopping, you can continue to work or leave after the shopping begins (after announcements).


Sale Organization & Preparedness (Saturday, 5:00 am – 6:45 am)

·       On Saturday morning we will be open at 6:00 am to Sellers and Workers; all Sellers and Workers must arrive by 6:00 am

·       Workers need to work on getting all items organized and tidy in the merchandise areas, so we can offer an additional Pre-Sale Shopping.


Clean-Up (Saturday, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm)

As soon as the sale is over on Saturday afternoon, clean-up will begin.

·              Sellers can start collecting their items from the different merchandise areas.

·              Once Sellers finish collecting their items, they should assist other Sellers and/or begin restoring the Sale hall to its previous condition.

·       The Hall must be cleared of all sale items

·       Tables and chairs must be replaced to their original places

·       Clothing racks need to be broken down, and returned to the car they arrived in

·       Signs need to be removed

·       Sellers may donate any or all unsold items that our designated charity will accept.

·       If Seller wants an unsold item to automatically be placed in the donation pile at the end of the Sale, please be sure to select "Donate" when printing tags on MyCM. This will speed up the clean-up process.

·       If a donated item is not accepted by the designated charity and Seller fails to remove it, the item will be placed in the trash.


·              If a Seller leaves the hall before clean up is finished on Saturday afternoon, a $25.00 fee will be deducted from Seller’s Sales Proceeds.

Clean up is deemed complete at the discretion of the Sale Chairpersons.

Saturday Schedule

When arriving on Saturday morning, please sign in.

6:00 am – 6:50 am

·              Set up and distribution of items on tables and racks (see above for more detail on set-up)

6:50 am – 7:00 am

·              Announcements by Chairpersons and President

·              Line up in hallway for entrance to shop


7:00 am – 7:45 am

·              Working Member Seller/Non-Member Seller shopping time.

·              Early shopping time is for Working Member Sellers/Non Member Sellers only.

·              No spouses or children are allowed to shop unless they are working the Sale.


7:45 am – 8:00 am

·              Shopping floor is cleared of purchased items

·              Floor is ready to be opened to the general public.


8:00 am – 8:30 am

·              Early shopping for MMOTA-Founding members, prospective members and other MMOTA clubs.


8:30 am – 12:30 pm

·              General public admitted for shopping.


12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

·              Clean up, including removing unsold items and breaking down tables.

·              ALL items not removed by 1:30 pm. will be put in the donation area.

of Items

Tables are available for displaying clothing, toys, and accessories.

Hanging racks are available for displaying coats, party dresses, special occasion clothing, and twin sets

Sellers must supply their own hangers, and all clothing should be pre-hung on hangers before arriving at the Hall.

Clothing tables and racks will be arranged by separating the girl/boy areas and then by size, and then by clothing type (tops, bottoms, PJs, etc.) in each area.

Large equipment such as, high chairs, strollers, large toys, etc. are kept in a separate area from the rest of the Sale. These items must be paid for before being removed from the Large Equipment area – paid for items will have a bright sticker on them.

Small toys and accessories are also kept in their own individual areas.

Please be sure to distribute your items to the correct sales area.

For items in zip-lock bags, all seals should be stapled, barbed or taped so items cannot be removed.

Saleable Condition / Prepping for Consignment

All items must be in good, saleable condition.   Due to complaints from previous sales where people buy items that, on closer inspection in disrepair, unusable, and/or unwearable; we will be more stringent on items allowed to be sold.  We ask that all sellers familiarize themselves with the guidelines around saleable items. (see below)


If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell it!


Saleable condition includes, but is not limited to:

·              All items should be cleaned prior to being brought into the Sale.

·              Items should not be ripped, stained, soiled or otherwise damaged.

·       Clothing should be

·              Games and puzzles should not be missing pieces.

·              Equipment should not be missing straps or other pieces that make the item unusable or unsafe.


Do not bring items to sell if you would not put it on your own child(ren).

You must inspect your items at home before bringing them to the Sale.

All items must be in good condition.

All items (not only clothing) will be inspected.

Keep a donation box close by when preparing your sale items. If the quality of an item is not something you would purchase or buy, it is probably not suitable for the sale.

If clothing cannot be worn or equipment cannot be used upon purchase, then it is NOT a sellable item.

At the discretion of the Sale Co-Chairpersons, any item that does not pass quality control or is not properly tagged will be pulled from the selling floor and an "x" marked on the tag.

If there are numerous items and/or complaints about the quality of specific sellers’ items, the seller may be asked to not sell again at our sales.   


The following guidelines will help you prepare for our sale:



  • All clothing needs to be carefully inspected.
  • Clothing cannot be stained, soiled, faded, pilled, torn, have holes, missing buttons or snaps, broken zippers or clothing that has unpleasant odors.
  • Freshly launder all garments removing all stains.
  • Zip all zippers, fasten and snap all snaps.
  • Replace missing buttons and button all items. 
  • Place all small accessories to be sold with the outfit (hair accessory, belts, socks and tights) in a Ziploc bag and secure with packaging tape. Including these items with the outfit will allow you to increase the selling price.
  • Loose items like socks, small accessories and small toys should be placed inside a Ziploc bag, taped securely shut with the tag taped on the outside of the bag.


Shoes & Boots

  • Shoes must be clean on top and bottom with no major signs of wear and have no scuffing (Scuffs can be removed from shoes with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  • Shoes need to be attached to each other. The most secure way to do this is with small zip ties.
  • Shoes that can't be zip tied can easily be placed in Ziploc bags. Be sure to tape the bag securely closed to prevent them from being removed from the bags.
  • Shoes have a tendency to become separated and their tags so proper care in tagging is very important.


  • All toys must be clean. It is best to clean in all crevices, and remove any scuffing, debris, marking, stickers etc.
  • All toys must be in working order and include all working parts.
  • ALL battery operated must have batteries and will be tested to see that they are in working order.
  • The items will sell faster and for more money if the seller can see exactly how the item works.
  • Smaller and infant toys should be sold in Ziploc Bags to keep them together. Attach the tag to the outside of the bag.
  • All items with multiple pieces must be secured, all pieces be tapped and fully assembled.
  • All puzzles must have all pieces included.
  • Board games, etc. must include all pieces (please tape boxes closed and tape price tag to the box)


  • Must be freshly laundered.
  • Free of stains, rips, and tears.
  • All pieces of bedding must be included or stated as otherwise.
  • Place all bedding and blankets in a large clear bag. If the original package is not available, we recommend XL and XXL sized Ziploc bags (these can be found at the Dollar store, Wal-Mart and Target). Securely Attach tag with clear packing tape to the outside of bag.  Be sure that the bag is securely shut.

Large Equipment Items

  • Must be in Gently Used Condition.
  • These items must be Clean, Free from Wear and Tear, as well as Extensive Sun Damage and Fading.
  • These items must be in compliance with all safety guidelines and not be recalled. Be sure to check the CPSC website or Google to find out if an item has been recalled or has safety issues.
  • It is recommended that you assemble all large items at the time of your drop-off. These large items will sell quicker for top $ if shoppers can see what the item looks like fully assembled.
  • Make sure that all parts, pieces are included.
  • Multi Piece Tagging: If you have a large item with multiple pieces that might get separated we ask that you multi tag it. Only print a tag for the main part then put a piece of masking tape on the extra pieces and label them with your consigner number and a number identifying each piece. (1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.).
  • Large ticket items like furniture, strollers, hi-chairs, swings, pack & plays, bouncers, excersaucers, pack and plays, play structures, etc. usually sell within the first few minutes of the sale.

All Other Items

  • Make sure to thoroughly clean and inspect all other items.
  • Be sure you have included and securely attached and tagged all pieces appropriately.  
  • Please notes that if the tag falls off or gets lost we cannot sell the item(s) unless the appropriate tag with the matching description is found.


Use your discretion when preparing all items for sale. 

If you wouldn’t buy it, if you wouldn’t let your child play with it, then you shouldn’t sell it.

Season-Appropriate Items

Only seasonally appropriate items may be sold at this sale.


Because of space constraints at this sale, we simply are unable to accommodate every single item that Sellers may want to sell. Because we have a large number of sellers, we do not have the space to accommodate off-season items.


·              s



Again, these lists are a guide as to the types of things that should not be brought to the Sale and are not intended to be all-inclusive. Should you have questions about whether an item is season appropriate, please contact one of the Sale Chairpersons.

Items that are deemed by the Sale Chairpersons to be not season appropriate will be removed from the sales floor.

Unsaleable Items

In addition to the above-mentioned Seasonal items, the following items are NOT allowed to be sold at the Sale:

·              Drop-side cribs

·              Car seats more than three (3) years old

·              Stuffed animals

·              Used pacifiers

·              Bottles with used nipples (used bottles may be sold without nipples)

·              Used undergarments

·              Recalled or defective items

·       Maternity Clothing

·       Beds

·       Cribs

·       Desks

·       Large Furniture


Items that are deemed by the Sale Chairpersons to be not allowed for sale will be removed from the sales floor.

Recalled Items

It is the Seller's responsibility to check all items on the recall list at the US Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) before bringing an item to the Sale.


Please do not attempt to sell recalled or defective merchandise at the sale. Selling defective or recalled items is not fair or responsible to the general public, club members and MMOTA-Founding Chapter. Moreover, reselling recalled items is a civil/criminal offense and will not be tolerated.


All Sellers are required to sign a statement attesting to the fact that she is not selling items that have been recalled by the CPSC BEFORE bringing items onto the sales floor.


Visit the CSPC website link for a list of products or toys that have been recalled.

·              CSPC website for Infant/Child Products (crib, play yard, bassinet, stroller, etc.)

·              CSPC website for Toys


To check the federal law regarding lead in toys, please refer to the CPSC's list of toys that are unsafe to resell.

·              Open your web browser's 'Find on This Page' box.

·              For Internet Explorer, click on the Edit menu at the top and choose 'Find on This Page' at the bottom of the options.

·              Type in the brand name of the product you would like to check (Evenflo, Cosco, etc.) and click the NEXT button.

·              Read the Recall line to see if it is the item you want to check. If it is, click on the link for more information to see if your item has been recalled.

·              If it isn't your item, click the NEXT button again until you have searched through the entire list.

Car Seats

Please do not attempt to sell an unsafe car seat.

Any car seat that has been in a car wreck, fender-bender, or is more than three (3) years past the manufacture date, will not be allowed for resale. We will be checking the manufactured date on all car seats being sold, any more than 3-years old will be removed from the sales floor. Manufactured date is typically on the bottom or back of car seats.

There are new regulations and recalls regarding the safety of these types of items.

For more information about recalled car seats, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Recall Website.

Price Tags, Tagging, and My Consignment Manager

We use as the platform for running our sale.  In order to use MyCM and print tags, you will need the following:

·              A computer

·              A printer (no dot matrix)

·              A tagging gun and barbs (see below for details on how to purchase these items)

·              White 60#, 65# or 67# cardstock which can be purchased at any office supply store, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

o     Any tags not printed on the appropriate cardstock will be removed from the sales floor.


Once you have registered as a Seller for our sale, you will receive a Seller Number from a Sale Chairperson (your Seller Number will not change from sale to sale). You will use this number to register with My Consignment Manager (MyCM) on our personalized entry page.


Here are some tips & tricks for using MyCM:

·       Organize items into groups by type – toys, clothing, equipment, etc. Sort clothing by gender, size, and type.

·       Enter your items into My Consignment Manager. By sorting prior to entering, you will save time because you will only have to re-enter the price and description for each similar item. Categories are held until you change them. The fields are also text friendly and will automatically complete the field once you’ve learned the descriptions and key the first letter or digit.

·       Edit any tags by going the Manage Inventory screen. Here you can print inventory reports, mass edit items or individual items, and also see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you have entered into the system.

·       As you enter your items into inventory, remember to use the DESCRIPTION field to give brief details about the item you wish to sell. This would include size (Junior size, Toddler size, Youth size), brand (Gymboree, Lands End), and various other descriptions (color, size, number of pieces). The DESCRIPTION information assists in the placement of your items in the appropriate areas of the sales floor, and locating items for sorting during clean-up.

·       The clothing area of the sales floor is organized by gender, then from smaller sizes to larger sizes, and within each size like-type clothing is put together (tops with tops, bottoms with bottoms, PJs with PJs, etc.). It is very important to size your items appropriately so they will be placed in the best area for buyers to see. Since the SIZE field does not offer range of sizes, please defer to the smaller size if your item has a range (example: size 10-12 should be tagged as a size 10).

·       Print tags any time you want – at intervals or all at once when you finish entering your items. Print tags only on white cover stock or card stock 60# weight or heavier.

·       Check your tags to make sure the bar-code is clear and is not excessively dark (sometimes the ‘normal’ setting is best to use when printing).  If you notice blurring of the bar-code line, you will need to reprint those tags.  The scanning system is very sensitive, and our check-out process is greatly impaired when our cashiers have to manually enter each tag.  Please help us by checking the quality of your tags. 

·              As a quality control measure, we will be inspecting any and all tags to ensure they will scan at checkout.  Any items tags that were improperly printed or do not scan will be removed from the floor

·       Tag your items by cutting tags on the lines and then, using safety pins, string or a tagging gun, attach the tag to the clothing tag or through a seam.  Using a tagging gun through the fabric of the clothing may damage the cloth and leave it in unsaleable condition. Hangers should be open to the left like a question mark – ?. When applying tape to the toys, equipment, etc. please do not put tape on the bar code. This makes it impossible for the tag to be scanned for accounting purposes.


Tagging supplies are available for purchase and pick up from the Chairpersons. Prices for supplies are as follows:

·              Tagging Guns - $14.00

·              Tagging Barbs - No cost if gotten through the club


Tagging guns and barbs may also be purchased at:

Joslin Displays

10 Upton Drive, Suite #8

Wilmington, MA



Please note that MyCM tags will not be returned to Sellers.

Sellers will be able to view an online inventory report showing all sold and unsold items.


Untagged Items: If circumstances permit, an attempt will be made to find out to whom the item belongs and how much to charge the buyer. If the Seller cannot be located, the item will be set aside and NOT sold.

Pricing Guidelines

All items must be priced in dollars and 25-cent increments


Sellers are solely responsible for setting the prices for their items. However, keep in mind that both club members and the general public are: shopping for bargains, can not try on any clothing or test out equipment, and all items are final sale. That being said, the general rule of thumb for pricing clothing for newcomers are as follows:


$1.00 - $4.00


$1.00 - $5.00


$2.00 - $8.00


$3.00 - $10.00


 $1.00 - $5.00


$2.00 - $7.00


 $0.50 -$3.00

Used Equipment

½-or less of its original purchase price


These prices are not set in stone; this is only a general guide for Sellers who are unsure of pricing. Bear in mind that the higher the price, the higher quality and better the condition the item should be. Another thing to keep in mind while pricing is that some Sellers price their items on the lower end of the scale to ensure that their items will sell quickly.

Sales Proceeds Checks

Sale proceed checks will be issued within four weeks after the sale.


An example of a proceeds check amount for a Working Member Seller follows:

Gross Sales Amount


Less 10% for Founding Chapter

$  10.00

Sales Proceeds Check Amount

$  90.00

Hoarding and Aggressive Sales

Hoarding clothing, equipment or any other item is strictly prohibited. The following are examples of "hoarding":

·              Stacking items together during set-up time for an easy sweep into your bag;

·              Hiding desired items on another table or under other things so other members will not have a chance to see or buy them.


Remember: the sales are for the benefit of all members, not for a select few.


Aggressive Sales
While the Sale is in progress; members may not actively push their own items over others. You may certainly answer questions and you are welcome to reduce your prices PRIOR to speaking with a shopper, but you may not bargain with shoppers in order that they may purchase your items over another member's.


Sellers that have actively pushed their item over another member's will have their sale proceed for that item transferred to the other member.

Terms of Payment

The Sale will accept credit cards and cash from the general public. MMOTA-Founding Chapter members are permitted to pay for their purchases by personal check, in addition to cash/credit.


There will be a $30.00 fee for returned checks, and the offending member will not be allowed to pay by check at future sales.

Donations Area

There will be an area for donations.

If your donation is tax deductible, receipts are available.

Items put into the donation area are for that purpose only.

Members are not allowed to rummage through donated items for their taking.

Missing or Damaged Items

MMOTA-Founding Chapter is not responsible for any item unaccounted for, damaged, missing or placed in the donation area at the end of the Sale and will not reimburse any Seller for any such item.


Please understand that we do our best to: return items missing tags to their owners, and prevent theft at the sale, but sellers sell at their own risk, and need to understand the risks associated with selling at an event like this.