Our SWAT (Speakers, Workshops, and Training) meetings are a great opportunity to meet other members, enjoy some refreshments and hear a topic of interest to MOTs at all stages.

We’ve had all sorts of wonderful guest speakers from safety officers to teachers to counselors. We’ve even had a therapist who spoke about her own experience with triplets!  We’ve learned some wonderful tips and shared lots of laughter.  Some of our meetings have involved round table discussions and some have just been one big baby-shower for the new MOTs.   We’d love it if you’d join us!

The main part of the meeting consists of a talk or special event, refreshments and lots of conversation.  The talks are given by members or guest speakers.  In the past, topics have ranged from discipline to early intervention.

More information can be found through our Members-Only Area, or by contacting [president @ mmota – founding . org].


Our board meetings are open to all members.  They are a great opportunity to have a say in how our club functions.  All of our board members are volunteers, and we’re always looking for help in creating new activities and opportunities for our members.

Helping can mean becoming a board member or becoming a member of a subcommittee or giving an hour of your time each week.  Either way, you can make a difference.  Usually our members volunteer because they want to make a difference and to say thank you for all the help and advice they’ve received from other club members.  But usually they keep volunteering because of all the fun and wonderful times they share with other volunteers.  Even if you’ve only got an hour to spare to call an expectant mom on bed-rest, to send an email of comfort or to share some good news, we would love to hear from you!


Find out more about our monthly support meetings, “COPE Meetings”, through our Support page.  Or email [cope @ mmota – founding . org].